Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Through the stories one can learn the various aspects of the Indian life.
Everyone in India would have heard stories from their grandparents and old neighbours.
I have heard stories from my grand parents and also from my father and uncles.

In my family we have a special way of feeding our little ones.
I as a child have also been fed in that special way.

I am a south indian.  And the main course of South Indian food is rice.  Rice is mixed with sambar, rasam, chutney (Thugayal) or curd and is supported by vegetables, papad and vathal.
The elder at home mixes rice with sambar or any other dish in a big bowl and the children sit around them and extend their hand one by one and the elder gives one spoon amount of rice(Urundai) and the children eat that and extent their hand for the second urundai.  As the elders feed the children they also tell stories.
Believe me even children who generally have eating problems eat this kind of food so happily that its amazing.  The dishes which they do not like also finishes even without them realizing.

Through this blog I am planning to upload some of the stories I have heard from my father, uncles, aunties and grand parents.